Neil Amonson  Neil Amonson  Neil Amonson

Neil Amonson

Born in New Jersey, Neil Amonson took to the skies as soon as he left home. Amonson entered the US Air Force right out of high school, serving in some of the most remote and dangerous parts of the world. Neil’s first taste of flight was a military freefall course—the rest, as they say, is history.

After an exhilarating four years in special ops, Neil emerged a decorated combat veteran with a brilliant new career in entire range of airsports. He moved to Utah to be close to a range of legal BASE jumps, working at a therapeutic boarding school before joining GoPro on a full-time basis. When he’s not traveling, Utah’s seasons perfectly accommodate Neil’s sports: he paraglides, BASE jumps and skydives in the balmy mountain summertime, transitioning to big mountain skiing and speed flying when the snow arrives.

Neil’s decade of parachuting experience spans the entire range of airsports—skydiving, BASE jumping, wingsuiting, paragliding and speedflying—so it’s not surprising that he’s one of the winningest pilots on the planet. Neil took third place in the 2009 World BASE Race, third place in the 2011 PRObase tracking race, second place in the Voss Extreme Sports Week accuracy competition, and third in the 2011 World BASE Race. One of the best-known faces in airsports, Neil has been featured in three nationally televised GoPro TV commercials and more than two million video hits on YouTube.

The future is bright for Neil. Charismatic and connected, he’s currently working on several high-profile film projects and expanding the scope of the GoPro demonstration skydiving team. The focus of the latter is on the next generation of aerial enthusiasts: one of his current projects for the
team involves skydiving into schools, where they talk to the kids about finding and pursuing their passions.

Neil lives in Salt Lake City, UT. He is a certified air traffic controller, and holds a BS in Professional Aeronautics (with a minor in Security and Intelligence) from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

 Marshall Miller  Marshall Miller  Marshall Miller

Marshall Miller

Before Marshall Miller was a world-class paraglider pilot, ski BASE jumper, and PRO-rated skydiver traveling the world in search of new unique places to take to the skies, he was an adventurous kid living with a prominent family at the mouth of Utah’s American Fork Canyon. Marshall’s father is
legendary rock climber Kim Miller—so, in Marshall’s family, high-risk activities were a part of normal life. Kim taught Marshall mountain edict from a very early age, engendering a lifelong love and respect for the mountains, and Marshall himself went on to scale the infamous Swiss Matterhorn as an adult.

Marshall picked up a paraglider for the first time in 1999 and discovered his life’s purpose: flying. An aerial enthusiast with an infectious obsession with the sky, Marshall is most at home aloft. His skills include all facets of flying: paragliding, speed flying, wingsuiting, skydiving,
BASE jumping (including ski BASE jumping) and kiting. Marshall is entirely dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mountain sports (as well as his *own*boundaries) and bringing the talent out in the athletes around him, both aspiring and established. “I love to share the stoke with my friends,” he explains. “It’s pretty humbling to share such unique and special moments through these incredible sports.”

Some of Miller’s more recent achievements include taking 3rd in the Red Bull Wings over Bear Lake Acro Paragliding Competition and racking up over a million viewers of viral video “Superior Speed Fly,” which he shot and edited. In addition to his athletic pursuits, he also holds a BS in
Business Finance from the University of Utah.

A dedicated family man with a beautiful wife and two children, Marshall currently lives in Salt Lake City (where he recently BASE jumped from the iconic Church Office Building).

 Jesse Hall  Jesse Hall  Jesse Hall

Jesse Hall

Jesse Hall’s childhood in the rustic foothill town of Niwot, CO was spent on the mountain—after all, he was skiing and rock climbing almost from day one. A professional big mountain skier from an early age, Jesse’s prodigious skill on skis took him to the top of the podium in the 2005 North American Extreme skiing championships in Crested Butte, CO, and to third place the following year.

Jesse has logged more than 1250 BASE jumps. He nabbed 1st place in Norway for the international 2011 ProBASE tracking race, and has enjoyed a decade-long skydiving career. Jesse is also an aspiring paraglider and speed flier.

Jesse moved to Salt Lake City in 2006 to ski, soon expanding his skill set to the skies when he realized SLC’s undisputed status as a BASE jumping mecca. Since then, Jesse has merged his unrivaled talent on skis with his BASE skills to establish himself as one of the world’s best ski BASE jumpers. “My goals are simple,” Jesse explains, “To continue to enjoy the sports I love, and travel to amazing places with friends.”

Cheerful and quick with a joke, Jesse pushes limits of his sports while staying safe and looking out for the safety of others around him. His first jump courses for new BASE athletes are legendary in the sport and he has also produced an industry leading parachute packing instructional video.

 Jt Holmes  Jt Holmes  Jt Holmes

Jt Holmes

JT is a staple name in the ski industry well known for ski films as he has been in one ski movie a year since his young start at age 15. Now a well respected veteran in the ski industry, JT continues to film and compete.  In 2009 he snagged 5th in the prestigious, Verbier Extreme and in 2011 a 4th in the elite Freeride World Tour stop in Engadin, Switzerland.  Other career highlights include pioneering ski base jumping together with his friend Shane McConkey, the X-Games under the SF bay bridge in 1999, winning a Powder Magazine Video Award for best straightline in 2003 through film work with Matchstick Productions.  Winning the 2009 Lake Cushing Crossing.  Ski base jumping off of a building in 2008, combining wingsuit flying and skiing in 07.  He is clearly a better ski base jumper than the self-proclaimed “world’s best” and fellow bomb squad member: Jesse Hall.

JT’s flying has caught the world’s attention as well with features on 60 Minutes, Oprah and Paramount’s Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in which Michael Bay gave Holmes the keys to Chicago and he and a team of 4 jumped off  North America’s two tallest skyscrapers as well as flew wingsuits with impeccable style out of helicopters, treating the skyscrapers like slalom gates and carved their way into BASE jumping and Hollywood history.

Stay tuned to see what the newest bomb squad member is capable of once he teams up with Neil, Jesse and Marshall and incorporates new toys like speed flying wings to his antics of high speed and airborne fun.